About Us

PNI Business Solutions Inc. is a division of PNI International Corp., a Philippine-based Human Resource Solutions Provider. With more than 15 years of experience in serving both the domestic and international market, it has grown and found new niches in service because of an expanding network of individuals and talents. Led by an experienced team that innovate and move with world business trends, the launch of a new service was inevitable; therefore the start of the new division, PNI Business Solutions Inc. specializing in Outsourced HR services, Outsourced IT services and Recruitment Process Outsourcing.


Presently, the market’s demands have drastically increased. In order to respond satisfactorily to these, companies’ primary goal is to hire the most qualified and laudable applicants.


With PNI Business Solutions Inc’s experience and ability in outsourcing, its priority is to grow your business to newer heights by offering outstanding service in Executive Search, Payroll Outsourcing, Staffing, Staff Hosting, Staff Leasing, Contracting, Outsourced Systems Maintenance and Recruitment Process Outsourcing.


PNI Business Solutions Inc. is committed to quality and cost-effective service by providing a complete range of HR and IT Outsourcing services that can improve business operations. PNI Business Solutions Inc. makes the process of hiring the most talented and effective applicants greatly simplified. Clearly, outsourcing is today’s ideal solution